Amanda Glynn IBCLC - Private Lactation Consultant Galway

Private Postnatal Consultations

One to one, postnatal consultations take place in my clinic in Galway city or, if you would prefer, in the comfort of your own home - please click here for a map of the locations covered. 

Consultations take approximately 1hr - 90mins and include a thorough history of you and your baby, along with an assessment of feeding, structure and function. Consultations may also involve weighing your baby.

Booking a breastfeeding consultation:

While I am honoured to work as a full time Lactation Consultant, my other work commitments for both The National Tongue Tie Centre and the HSE, mean that private consultations in Galway are generally limited to Mondays only. Occasionally, consultations may be offered on other days.

The quickest way to check my availability and to book a breastfeeding consultation is to click the 'Book Now' button below and then select 'Lactation Consultations' on the booking page. Choose the service you require and select a time slot. 

Where no time slots appear on the booking calendar, this signifies that appointments are full. Please note, I do not operate a cancellation list as timely support is very important when there are breastfeeding challenges. Help is often available from my Lactation Consultant colleagues (private and public) and from the wonderful breastfeeding support groups that are available throughout Galway.

**Please note, my online booking system is for mothers who wish to book a first time, 1:1 consultation. Postnatal appointments can only be accepted following the birth of your baby i.e 'just in case' bookings prior to baby's birth cannot be accepted as babies often have their own plans regarding their birthdays!

 Follow-up appointments can be arranged by contacting me directly.

Consultation Fees:

Full payment is due at time of service unless a payment plan has been agreed.

For a list of payment options and fees, please see below.