Multi-user  Double Electric Breast Pump Loan

As an additional service, I am delighted to offer for loan, a multi-user/rental grade double breast pump.

Multi-user pumps are closed systems which allow the pump to be shared safely between mothers. Each mother will purchase her own collection kit which are available at cost price. 

The pump that I offer my clients is a Mamivac Sensitive-C, double electric multi-user/rental grade breast pump. It is comparable to the Medela Symphony Breast Pump. An important distinction for me as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is that the Mamivac Sensitive-C Breast Pump is produced by a World Health Organisation (WHO) Code compliant company. Medela on the other hand is a WHO Code violator. Please see the comparison chart below. 

As I do not charge a fee for breast pump loan, breast pump loan is currently available as an additional service for my own, existing clients.

Breast pump loan is subject to suitability, need and availability. Due to the demand on this service, pumps are currently prioritised for mothers who are establishing their milk production.

Enquires regarding this service can only be determined following an in-person, breastfeeding consultation with

Mothers are required to sign a loan agreement. 

Further information on Buying and Renting a Breast Pump.

Click below to watch a video of the Mamivac Sensitive-C.